Light Beyond Vision

We believe every child deserves a future.

Work with Us: Be a reason for some one’s smile.

Bringing people together to help visually impaired young adults.

Light Beyond Vision is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit budding organisation  run by volunteers, whose mission are to assist visually impaired, and socio economically challenged children for their higher education and self-sustenance

Our Vision

“Service to man is service to God”. Extend helping hands to visually impaired and financially challenged students to integrate them into mainstream society. 

Our Mission

To promote  ‘’Education and Empowerment’’ for visually impaired and economically challenged children.

Our Core Value

Service with love, compassion, dedication, and determination to make changes in others’ lives.

Examine the facts.


Students get help


volunteer donners


success rate

give money.

Will you change a child’s
life today?

Invest in people, invest in stronger community

give time.

Share your time, share your love for challenged young adults

We love hearing from you, and there are lots of ways you can get in touch.