Light Beyond Vision

Arundhati Dash | Vice President

Arundhati Dash, is a social change agent and leader who is passionate about increasing the standards of living of the underprivileged and the marginalised sections of society. Her strength lies in helping non-profits reach their fund-raising goals, cultivating new donors, and spending direct, real-time engagement with the people at the grassroots level.

Arundhati’s strong connection to her roots in Western Odisha led her to found Kosal Sarees, a modest initiative to use her passion for fashion as a means to impact positive change in the lives of handloom weavers from Western Odisha.

Arundhati is an active board member at Caring Hands Foundation and a member of Indo American Sevak Foundation (IASF) which enables her to give back to the under-served communities in her adopted country. She has been involved in the conceptualization and growth of LBV and has personally sponsored several of the children.

Currently Arundhati lives in California, USA with her husband where she has been actively involved in multiple community activities for the last two decades.

“LightBeyondVision is my way of making positive changes and contributions in the world”:- Arundhati Dash, Vice President