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Our mission is to give all
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Light Beyond Vision is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit budding organisation run by volunteers, whose mission are to assist visually impaired, and socio economically challenged children for their higher education and self-sustenance
our funds go towards program and support services
Success rate of children enrolled through the programme

“Selfless service is like worship for me. I strongly believe in the fact that, unconditional service to mankind is true service to God and I’m committed to it:-

Gita Mohanty


our core values.


We aim to serve with love, compassion, dedication, and determination to make changes in others' lives. Let’s make a difference with our loving touch by sharing our hands for this noble act.


We are constantly looking for more sponsors who will make a commitment for 2 years for +2 children and 3 years for +3 students, 2 years for Post-graduation students, M. Phill and B.Ed. Students, and more support through college. Please spread the words to help put these visually challenged students from impoverished families on the path to self-sufficiency. The cost of sponsoring the education of one child is only Rs.2500 or $34 dollars per month which covers education and sustenance. It will make a world of difference in their lives! Your generous help, thoughtful action and consideration for the cause can make a huge difference in the life of a student. Let’s be the reason for someone’s beautiful smile and meaningful life.


We aim to help those visually and economically challenged children bring to mainstream, provide them a equal opportunities to flourish and achieve their highest potential, help in developing a heather society.


Service with love, compassion, dedication, and determination to make changes in others' lives.

Team impact.

Building a future

Children are spread across multiple good universities and colleges across Orissa. Children choose their designated college/university based on their choices and access.


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Waiting for your kind heart and helping hand

Visually Impaired and Economically challenged young adults are waiting for your support towards their higher education.

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Visually impaired and economically challenged Children WAITING for financial support to join higher education.

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We currently have opportunities across the United Kingdom

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